We understand you may be wondering whether these treatments really do work; and whilst we have seen the amazing results for ourselves, you may need to hear about them from someone other than us...


So, don't just take our word for it, this is what some of our customers have to say...


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  • Jordan (Friday, May 15 15 03:53 pm BST)

    Gloria offered a great service a couple of months before my wedding. She was very lovely and made me feel really welcome and comfortable. I saw great results and would definitely recommend her.

  • Kate (Friday, May 15 15 01:50 pm BST)

    Having always worried about the size of my arms. I was quite concerned about having them out and on show for my big day. My mother was having treatments at the time and asked me to go along to see
    what I thought. I had treatments on my arms, abdomen and face. It felt amazing and gave me the confidence boost I required for my wedding. Gloria was fabulous and took my insecurities on board and
    gave me fabulous advice. I would recommend this to any one but especially brides looking for that extra sense of security. Let's be honest ladies, we all want to look back at our wedding photos and
    see how amazing we looked. Thank you so much for my confidence boost Gloria you made my day. :-)

  • Amanda (Sunday, April 12 15 09:22 pm BST)

    What can I say tht hasn't already been said? Body Sculpture (Gloria Kelly) is amazing. The results we've achieved together are fantastic, with the treatments and ( following) advice I have been able
    to get the kind of results I really want .... My shape is more defined, the inch and weight loss is amazing. Gloria is just a superb consultant ( expert) kind, caring and extremely knowledgable .....
    If you have any concerns or reservations about this treatment, speak to Gloria ... I would highly recommend Body Sculpture.

  • Rebecca Parfitt Taylor (Friday, February 27 15 09:17 am GMT)

    Relaxing, Professional, gets results! Gloria is passionate about helping people achieve inch loss. I didn\'t know what to expect from the treatment when i first heard about it but it is so relaxing,
    in no way painful and combined with healthy eating helps tjose troublesome inhes melt away. Over a course of 6 treatments i have lost over 10 inches (taken over 3 measurements on the abdomen) my
    wobbly tum and love handles are much reduced.

  • Judith Hanson (Monday, February 23 15 09:30 pm GMT)

    I was amazed by the results I got from Gloria\'s treatments.
    Body Sculpture really does work and Gloria is such a lovely person that I found the sessions relaxing and enjoyable. I would most definitely recommend a visit if you have a few inches you\'d like to
    say goodbye to!

  • Cassandra (Tuesday, December 16 14 06:38 pm GMT)

    Lypolysis is a great treatment. I have lost 3 inches off of my stomach. Tou can notice the difference after the very first season. My stretch marks have also been reduced significantly. i would
    definetly recommend this treatment to anyone.

  • Maria (Tuesday, October 14 14 10:50 am BST)

    I have had two treatments with Gloria. One treatment on my thighs and one on my tummy. I now have thighs to be proud of! My tummy is almost flat and I actually have shape around my middle, something
    I have never had. The treatments do really work and are worth every penny. Gloria is warm and friendly. She is a lovely lady to chat with whilst the treatment is taking place. Highly recommended.

  • Claudia (Sunday, August 24 14 05:06 pm BST)

    This is a great treatment. It helps with everything from inch loss to toning and reducing cellulite along with helping you to feel healthier from drinking so much water! I had the treatment on my
    thighs and feel much more confident about them now. I lost 2 inches on each leg. My treatment took a little longer to work due to certain factors but Gloria really put time and effort in to making
    sure I was happy and saw results. Gloria is dedicated to her work and has a wonderful personal touch so she becomes a friend rather than your therapist.

  • Emma Beardmore (Thursday, August 07 14 08:31 pm BST)

    Lovely space, great atmosphere and very warm and friendly service received. Lovely results too. Around 2 inches lost off each thigh. Would recommend Gloria. Thank you

  • Gemma (Wednesday, August 06 14 12:21 am BST)

    DO IT!! if you are thinking about whether this is the way to go then yes it is!
    Have had two treatments so far and lost over 7" from my abs.
    I was sceptical, like most, as to whether it would work and this is the only thing that is helping to shift my 'fat bit' and reduce my stretch marks.
    The location is perfect and Gloria is lovely, putting you at ease from your first appointment.
    Cannot recommend this enough!

  • Jayne (Monday, June 23 14 11:03 pm BST)

    Painless treatment that really works. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Jacqueline (Monday, June 02 14 03:09 pm BST)

    After the first treatment I lost half an inch from each thigh. I couldn't believe it worked so quickly. Very pleased with the results.

  • Lynne (Monday, March 24 14 01:33 pm GMT)

    I am so pleased with the results, I wanted to tone up for my holiday and I have lost 2 inches on my waist, which has motivated me to do more exercise, and eat better. I will happy now to put on my
    bikini! Thank you so much and I also love the lemon water.

  • Linda (Monday, February 24 14 03:59 pm GMT)

    OMG! Isn't that what people say these days when they just can't believe what they are seeing? Well, that's exactly how I feel after only having one treatment so far....

    I am on day 3 after my first ultrasound treatment and cannot believe the results. I must admit I was sceptical that this would even work, but it does, and I can't thank you enough. I have already
    lost about an inch!

    I was feeling quite uncomfortable after hormone problems led to me carrying more weight than I ever have, and nothing was helping until this.

    I must admit I was really nervous before I had the treatment as I didn't know whether it would hurt, or what to expect... but your treatment area is very comfortable and stylish, your service is
    friendly, and the treatment was painless; really relaxing actually :-)

    Can't wait for my next treatment. I would recommend this to everyone... Thank you

  • Codge (Tuesday, February 18 14 10:04 am GMT)

    Thank you so much Gloria, was unsure whether I could reduce my ever increasing middle but thanks to my treatments of body wraps I am now an amazing 4 inches smaller and on a belt loop I haven't seen
    for years. I am now eating more sensibly and got to love boiled water with a hunk of fresh lemon as opposed to my cuppa! Not a requirement just a preference now.

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