Non Invasive Ultrasonic Liposuction

What is it?

Ultrasonic liposuction is used for removing fatty deposits in certain areas of the body, effectively restyling these areas rather than losing weight.


So many of us would love to lose fat from stubborn areas such as thighs, abdomen, 'bingo wings' or even 'love handles', and these places are notoriously difficult to lose it from.  


This treatment is ideal for targeting these troublesome areas in both men and women; helping to smooth contours and reshape your body:


  • Hips and thighs
  • Waistline / Abdomen
  • Stomach
  • Upper Arms

What are the benefits?

The benefits that result from ultrasonic liposuction will depend from patient to patient, however the most common benefits reported are generally;

  • Less body fat
  • Better body shape
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Feeling more comfortable in clothes


Ultrasonic liposuction is a pain-free procedure that reduces the number of fat cells in the body that requires no anesthetic, and as a result there is no downtime.  People opting for this procedure can simply return to normal day to day activities immediately after.


As this procedure is non-surgical there is no risk of infection, scarring, bruising or other complications and people opting for this procedure can simply return to normal day to day activities immediately after.

How does it work?

The specialised equipment has a very powerful high frequency convergent ultrasound which acts directly on localized fat to break down the membranes of the adipose cells; disrupting fat cell membrane without damaging the skin, blood vessels or peripheral nerves.  Fat is then deposited in the lymphatic system which carries it through the liver, enabling them to be eliminated through the colon.


Noticeable results can normally be seen within in 4 to 6 sessions.  In between sessions you should stick to a low-carb diet and drink plenty of mineral or spring water and get plenty of exercise to encourage lymph flow which supports the removal of fat cells.  Alcohol should also be avoided for 4 days after treatment.


On average (taking into account that everyone is different) one procedure can remove up to a pound of fat or 1.5 inches off the area being treated.  The number of sessions you will need depends on how many inches you want to loose, but on average a course would normally consist of 6 to 20 sessions in any one area.

How long will it last?

Ultrasonic liposuction uses gentle focused ultrasound waves to disrupt the walls of cells containing fat found below the skin, and remove these fat cells permanently.  Once these cells have been removed they will not re-grow, therefore maintaining a long-term solution to fat reduction.  


However, it is important to note that how much you eat and how much exercise will still affect your weight gain and body shape, so long-term body shaping is completely in your hands! 

Your Questions Answered

Common Questions
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Ultrasonic Liposuction After Care

Ultrasonic Liposuction After Care Advice
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